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Class Act Dance and Performing Arts History

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Mission Statement

Founded in 1990 by Cheryle Armstrong, with over three decades of legacy and a vibrant new local abode, Class Act Dance has woven an illustrious tapestry within Paso Robles and its neighboring communities. Rooted in rich history, our mission persists: to bestow upon Paso Robles an extraordinary dance and performing arts curriculum, coupled with a gateway to arts education and exquisite performances year-round. Our accomplished instructors & paragons of skill and professionalism stand poised to kindle inspiration, uplifting memories through their profound devotion to dance. Embark with us on our journey that marries legacy and innovation, heart and rhythm, as we continue to script tales of grace, artistry, and empowerment.



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Mission Statement 

Core Values 

At Class Act Dance & Performing Arts Studio, our fixed mission is to epitomize excellence in dance and performing arts instruction. We ardently embrace this commitment by delivering unparalleled training across an eclectic spectrum of dance styles, catering to individuals of all ages ignited by a longing for performing arts. Our pursuit of excellence drives us to nurture creativity, cultivate skill, and ignite the flames of passion within each student. With a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, we aspire to empower our students to flourish as artists, performers, and individuals. Join us on this transformative journey where artistry and dedication converge, shaping not only remarkable dancers but also fostering a lifelong love for the performing arts.

Class Act Dance & Performing Arts Studio is committed to creating an environment where students and educators are trained under these specific circumstances: INDIVIDUALITY - Holding a paramount principle that the student’s best interests is our guiding light. We pledge to ensure their growth, well-being, and aspirations are at the forefront of every endeavor. INGENUITY - We strive to offer a diverse and consistently exceptional training. Each step is meticulously crafted, curating an inspirational masterpiece of fixed quality. ELATION - Within our walls, the sheer joy of dance and performance resonates in every beat. We believe that this elation is the cornerstone of a truly transformative education journey. EQUALITY - Age is merely a number, and our stage is open to all. We firmly embrace the belief that the art of dance and performance transcends generational boundaries.


Brenda G.


We have two girls who have both been attending Class Act Dance for the past two years. This is an amazing place to learn dance skills and progress on those skills. There is something for everyone at CAD. The studios are always very clean, but more importantly, the instructors are all great! Each one has their own style, yet all are positive, motivating and kind. Our oldest has the utmost respect for her ballet instructor, Ms. Cheryle, and loves the structured environment in her class. Ballet days are definitely her favorite days of the week. Our girls have also learned more than just how to dance here. They  are reminded to be good people, and work hard to achieve their goals. This is a lifelong skill which I hold higher than any dance skill they have learned! We quickly made friends with the other dance families as well and our girls count their dance friends as some of their best friends! It's a second family at Class Act Dance.

Carrie W.


To me, dance is letting music run through your body either freely or with an organized form. There are many great things about Class Act Dance; however, my most favorite thing is seeing the joy that dance brings to the dancers, the audience, and the instructors at any level or genre.

Guyla A.


I feel like my family has grown up at Class Act Dance since 1990. I  have loved watching my kids and now my grandkids grow in the arts. From participating in weekly classes to performing in annual Recitals, The Nutcracker, Cinderella and many other performances, my family loves what Class Act dance provides for us and the community. CAD feels like home.

Rachael M.


Class Act Dance has always had a special place in my heart because I trained here when I was younger. Now, having 4 of my children dance at CAD makes my heart so happy! I love the teachers. They are always professional, happy and excited to see everyone excel! I am very happy to bring my children here because I know they are getting top notch training with people who truly care and want them to succeed.

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